Pet Accommodation Gauteng

Pet accommodation Gauteng nestled away in a peaceful, country environment our kennels are designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Our resident guests will find themselves accommodated in secure units with cosy enclosures and an outdoor area. Many animals crave company and so we endeavour to find suitable room-mates for all those who would enjoy the company of a friend or two during their stay.

Accomodation for small geriatric dogs


Healthy pets are our primary concern when seeing to our guests’ dietary requirements. That is why we have selected the quality range of Royal Canin’s Vet’s Choice products for their daily meals. When booking in, speak to one of our friendly staff members about which specialized product will best suit your pet, whether it’s Sensitive for a dog with skin allergies or Senior for an older kitty. Iams dry food, Whiskas sachets  and pilchards also form part of the diverse menu for our feline borders.

We also know that holiday should be fun too, so we keep tasty and nutritious treats like home-cooked chicken and rice , and beef and chicken gravies available for that extra bit of indulgence.

Heated units

Winters in Joburg can get rather chilly and it’s great for our resident guests to be able to snuggle up in their beds under the warmth and soft glow of  infrared heaters.  Providing more than just heat, these lamps are also therapeutic for animals with sore joints and stiff muscles.  So if you need to book your pets in over  a colder period, you can request that they be booked in to one of our heated units.

Play areas

Health and happiness are our two favourite words when it comes to your pets.  Our play areas are there to ensure that our guests get to exercise and play with their friends everyday (or alone if socialisation is not their forte).  All play areas are wide open units with plenty of running space, sunshine and green, shady trees for a bit of rest and relaxation too.

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