Fiona The French Poodle’s Muddy Muddle

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes pear shaped.

Well I had one of those days last Tuesday. It all started on my morning walk. It is usually the time of day I enjoy the most. One on one with my beloved owner Cheryl, we walk to the dam on our estate. Once there she takes me off my lead and I frolick around. On this particular day I got a bit carried away and went a bit further than I normally do and landed in a stinky mud puddle. I got such a shock, I shot off straight into a bush of burrs. I was literally and figuratively a mess. I could not possibly show my face in the neighbourhood, I am much too beautiful to look like a hobo.

As usual my wonderful Cheryl knew just what to do. She phoned Badham’s Fourways grooming parlour. Due to the “emergency” they were so accommodating and fitted me straight away.

On arrival I was feeling ashamed and embarrassed, I had never looked so awful, but all the staff were friendly and kind and made me feel so welcome, even though I must have smelt horrific. I was lead to a lovely spacious kennel to wait my turn, not like some grooming parlours where you are left to wait in tiny boxes. While waiting I made friends with Sally the Scottie and Matthew the Maltese who were in the kennels on either side of me, also waiting to be groomed. Sally had been before and assured me I was in good hands. Before I knew it, it was my turn. Edward my groomer was gentle and understood I was nervous about removing the spiky burrs. After he expertly removed the burrs, he gave me a wonderfully new stylish haircut. I was then bathed with a divine smelling shampoo and blow dried. Edward even gave me a pedicure. I was feeling fantastic! It was then that I got a lovely surprise. A sweet lady called Paulina took me for a walk around their beautiful grounds. Pampering and a de stressing walk…. just what I needed.

Cheryl got caught up at work, so their driver, Jan delivered me home. When Cheryl arrived home I strutted over to show her how beautiful I was.

She was so thrilled, that she booked me in for monthly collection and delivery grooming.

What started badly, ended well.

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