Rob The Robust Retreiver’s Doggie Day Care Adventure

The deafening quiet echoed all around me. Loneliness hung over me like a heavy blanket. The song, I’m so lonely droned in my head. How many hours until my owner got back?

Nothing to do, I was going mad. What was that? It was definitely something in the Rose bush bed. Don’t worry master, I will defend the garden. Dig, dig, dig! Damn, no sight of it. Maybe it’s in the Pansy bed. Dig, dig dig! No, let’s try the Daises. Yhew, I’m exhausted…….Oh my gosh, what a mess, my owner, Dan is going to freak.

Pet Accomodation

“Rob, what have you done!” Dan cried.

I hung my head in shame. I was just sooo board and lonely.

Dan stormed inside, I heard him on the phone, something about Doggie Day Care. What did that mean? Was I being rehomed? I hardly slept that night, what was going to happen?

At about 9am the next morning there was a knock at the door. A kind looking man, named Jan, gently put a lead on me and led me to a huge car. Badham’s Fourways Kennels collection and delivery was printed on the side. Oh no, where was I going? Even though I was nervous, the journey was exciting with new smells and lots of different noises.

We arrived at the kennels and I was enthusiastically greeted by two ladies, Esta and Janet. They led me to a big exercise garden and introduced me to Penelope the Pointer. We hit it off straight away. We romped and played until my tongue hung out. Content we rested under the shade of a big leafy tree. In the afternoon two of the staff, Lucas and Johannes, came and took us for a walk around the vast property. I had such fun, sniffing all the different interesting scents, I must have marked at least five trees!

After that, Jan came and led me back to the car. Before I knew it, I was home. I had just settled in for a snooze, when Dan arrived home. After dinner we snuggled down to watch TV. Peace rained in our home, the flower beds were restored and I had exciting new adventures to look forward to.


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